Stratification, ordering and rationalising the roles of each brand and reference in a portfolio, to seek out synergies and greater efficacy in its communication.

Font Vella

Defending leadership by recouping the innovative DNA of the brand

BiManan Plus

Iconizing the main purchase driver

Oxfam Intermón

Supplementing conscience with pleasure: brain, heart and palate

Argal Bonnatur

Revitalising a centenary brand to create a close, up to date brand.

Salon Hits

Creating a mass consumption brand inspired by the professional world.


Creating codes to convey the main brand promise


Revitalising tradition.


Future branding: The digital store shelf

How to build a brand in the digital store shelf

Fontvella Té

Font Vella, en su filosofía de innovación constante, ha revolucionado su marca de refrescos Font Vella Té.


Welcome Branders

9ª Edición del Master in Strategic Branding and Packaging Design

ColaCao, redesigning a Love Brand

ColaCao branding and packaging redesign


Los nuevos másters en Diseño de Branding y Packaging

Batllegroup y BAU, Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona, presentan los nuevos másters en Diseño de Branding y Packaging