Byly is a brand of highly effective deodorants. However, its portfolio was somewhat chaotic and its codes rather aggressive. Work on the brand strategy and conceptualisation allowed us to recover the core of the brand, with visual elements that conveyed body care and softness.

Byly | Batllegroup Byly | Batllegroup

The challenge

A tremendously innovative brand, but one that had built its portfolio product by product, attempting to maximise each new launch. There was a need to bring some order to it, regain focus to hone the brand’s competitive edge and create a coherent architecture that would permit it to grow.

The strategy

We discovered that the brand promise, guaranteed efficacy, had been diluted by its positioning, as had the important concept of “care” that supported it. So we opted to confer greater relevance on the benefits of the different products. All under the powerful umbrella of the brand on the store shelf, bringing it closer to the consumer and reworking it to make it more impacting.

Byly | Batllegroup

The result

After the change of brand identity and packaging, the brand recovered market share and competitive relevance within its category.

Byly | Batllegroup