BiManan Plus | Batllegroup


Winner of an ASPID Award thanks to this project, which was to create a slimming food supplement brand. Creation of brand, packaging, key visuals… achieving over 70% above sales forecasts.

Tha challenge

Who has never thought of slimming? Average price, mainstream (but modern) female target and pharmacy sales channel. An enormous pie to access, but fighting the fiercest competition. Was there space for a new range of supplements?

BiManan Plus | Batllegroup

The strategy

We had five product formula and a complex context for communication: many restrictions about what can be said. For the brand platform, we had to convey the brand benefits without excessive explanation, but in a way that would be efficient on the pharmacy shelf. So we created key visuals to convey the concept. Iconization of the benefit, coding of variety.

The result

+70% of scheduled sales. On a creative level, an ASPID award for the creation of the brand and packaging architecture.

BiManán Plus got +70% of scheduled sales.

BiManan Plus | Batllegroup