We have partnered with Oxfam Intermon to create packaging aimed at growing sales of their fair trade products. Our work with their chocolate bars and herb teas has achieved a 300% boost to sales.

Oxfam Intermón | Batllegroup Oxfam Intermón | Batllegroup Oxfam Intermón | Batllegroup

The challenge

To create an experience capable of competing in the same league as the market leader in image and product. The consumer of fair trade products is loyal but if he or she does not find the product wanted, they will decide on a brand product.

Oxfam Intermón | Batllegroup

Chocolate sales are 3 times higher

Oxfam Intermón | Batllegroup

The strategy

When working in the area of fair trade there is a great temptation to work with a rational territory (roots, ingredients). Likewise, the territory of the individual always tends to be present. But although a brand as strong as Oxfam Intermon possesses such values, what is relevant is to work concepts related to product experience and category mobilising drivers.

Oxfam Intermón | Batllegroup Oxfam Intermón | Batllegroup

The result

Sales tripled (+300%). Consequently, the distribution and references listed have increased, as have shelf facings. Coherent, solid architecture throughout the brand’s chocolate and infusions portfolio, enhancing its perceived quality.

We have increased our off-trade sales
of teas in more than +50%