Purry is a Chinese brand of pet higiene products, seeking to internationalise. After analysing the category trends in Europe, we created a new brand to compete on the international market.

Sencen | Batllegroup Sencen | Batllegroup

The challenge

Purry sought to compete with other international pet care brands. Its product was firmly established in the Chinese and some European markets, but it needed to make a qualitative leap to enable it to challenge the market leaders.

The strategy

We created a brand possessing greater credibility to gain iconic impact (respecting the colour preferences of the Chinese culture). The impact extended to all packaging architecture. An extensive, deep range. We established unique codes to enable the portfolio to grow as much as desired.

Sencen | Batllegroup Sencen | Batllegroup

The result

The new brand and packaging won a Chinese Innovation Award. A range that grows ceaselessly (with an architecture that permits it to do so effortlessly).

Sencen | Batllegroup