In 2016 Font Vella launched its Font Vella Té, a refreshing drink made from natural mineral water and tea extract, with a dash of mint or lemon, resulting in a fresh, balanced thirst quenching experience.

Fontvella Té | Batllegroup Fontvella Té | Batllegroup

The challenge

Font Vella Té sought to strengthen its branding for what was basically a female, young in spirit audience, reinforcing its visibility in the tea category with a new innovative, strategic design that would position the brand as a natural, fun and healthy soft drink. To achieve this, the brand decided to work on imagery related to the origins of tea, built around one of its most characteristic cultural elements: the Mandala.

The strategy

To connect directly with the brand’s target public and convey recognisable, differential branding, we tested different forms of graphic language until we succeeded in summarizing the millenary tradition of the mandala in fresh, contemporary language. The mandala is, in itself, a universe of calm and balance that represents the centre of energy and vitality.

Fontvella Té | Batllegroup

Winner of the 2017 Silver Best Awards for Best Packaging in the non-alcoholic drink category.

Fontvella Té | Batllegroup

The result

The new image of Font Vella Té brings together its Asian roots, natural ingredients and mineral water to create original, impacting branding that connects with a younger public through health, balance and fun.