Kriba generates impact on healthcare worldwide by accelerating non-invasive screening, diagnosis and monitoring of infections in serous fluids


Kriba is a medical device startup enabling non-invasive screening, detection, and monitoring of infections in serous body fluids. Its non-invasive white blood cell counter in serous fluids is unique and addresses a global need to detect these infections quickly, easily and effectively.

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Founded in 2015, the NewBorn startup was created with the mission to revolutionize the field of non-invasive medical devices for monitoring and detecting pediatric meningitis. The scope of the global impact of the developments and breakthroughs generated needed to be reflected in a brand that encompassed this breadth in a coherent way. It was necessary to reposition the medical startup to respond to its expansion process.

Kriba | Batllegroup Kriba | Batllegroup Kriba | Batllegroup


To transform the startup, we defined its new brand platform and storytelling, based on the strengths and opportunities we identified together. We created its new name "Kriba", aiming to emphasize the action of screening, and helped build a robust naming strategy for its solution portfolio.

Kriba | Batllegroup Kriba | Batllegroup


A rebranded identity through a consistent visual system that represents the brand across multiple channels. A brandbook was created to capture the defined visual identity and examples of best practices at various touchpoints: specialized communication, corporate materials, presentation materials, website... At the same time, the visual interface and UX of the medical device were adapted to the new branding.

Kriba | Batllegroup Kriba | Batllegroup

Batllegroup was our partner in the rebranding process and the collaboration has resulted in a true transformation. Today, our brand identity embodies our values and purpose, in line with the objectives that drive us to make the greatest impact on a global scale. The results of this work have been of the highest quality, from the initial brand strategy process to the delivery of materials and media for 360º communication.

Valentine Pironneau · Communcation Director

Kriba | Batllegroup Kriba | Batllegroup

The Batllegroup team assisted us in rebranding Newborn Solutions to Kriba. This strategic decision was made to reposition the company and increase our impact. The outcome has been excellent as the new brand represents us, what we do, and resonates with our target audience. It has been a creative yet structured process that included analysis of brand records and tests with opinion leaders. The result is a new website with dynamic, bold proposals and great visual impact.

Javier Jiménez · PhD, MBA

Founder & CEO

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