Branding to drive change

7 brand strategies that propel us into the future.

Below we share 7 brand strategies that inspire us to propel brands into the future. Some are designed to bolster our roots while others to project us into the unknown.


The new generations are better prepared and feel a greater commitment to the planet and to equality. They see beyond the differences and mobilise to tackle causes in which they believe.

Brands must understand the reality of youth in order to transform their future. This can only be achieved by establishing a dialogue with them, not merely by giving them voice. By inviting them to take action. Brands may foster innovation by changing their points of reference and leaving the road open to new talents, individuals capable of offering innovative and purposeful solutions. Batllegroup is deeply involved in the higher education community and was the driving force behind the development of the Bau, Barcelona University Design Centre, Master’s Degree Course in Branding and Packaging.

BAU empowers new talent in design to offer fresh solutions to old problems.

BAU is a University Design Centre first established in Barcelona in 1989. It is located in the 22@ Barcelona technology and innovation district. The BAU Brand symbolises dynamism, the quest for constant transformation and the value of staying close to people. Simple, solid, essential. Its visual system was born out of the brand itself and is constructed in a simple, creative and easily identifiable way. VIEW THE PROJECT

Branding to drive change | Batllegroup

02 · Storytelling matter.

People attach ever greater importance to the history or heritage of a brand. A greater knowledge of its roots and of where it is headed helps us breed greater security and confidence.

All brands have a story to tell. A story born out of authenticity, honesty and self-knowledge. Some carry us back into the past, bring us to relive our childhood, feel secure. Others speak to us of their view of the future, their technical knowhow or ability to innovate. They permit us to dream. Good storytelling impulse change. A change which offers security and launches you towards the future. What is key is to tell the story in your own way, underscoring your strengths and uniqueness.

Cola Cao comforts us, gives us security with its storytelling, which transports us into the past to find ourselves anew.

With a history which stretches back over 75 years, ColaCao is a true Love Brand, authentic and familiar. We all recognise its own peculiar texture and original flavour. The new design reinforces the three key truths of the product: a pioneer in its category, original recipe since 1945 and natural cacao. Enveloping storytelling which talks to us of the history and origin of ColaCao: from the cacao tree through to its consumption. VIEW THE PROJECT

Branding to drive change | Batllegroup


We create bonds through proximity, empathy and design that connect with our community and local culture.

The rise of localism opens up new opportunities for brands. New players appear and challenge categories with solutions built around a local purpose and action. More established brands have an opportunity to reinvent themselves by drawing near to local communities to create concepts of proximity and activate ad hoc experiences. Through branding and packaging design we connect our brand commitment with local communities. What is different is the way we understand our audience and respond to its concerns.

A limited edition which underscores proximity and local culture, while sharing it with the world at large.

Licor 43, owned by the Zamora Company, is the best known and most widely sold Spanish liqueur in the world. It boasts a presence in over 60 countries. For the brand’s Made of Spain 2019 Limited Edition, Batllegroup dreamed up a design that payed homage to Spanish creativity and artisans. A design based on the tiles of Madrid’s Austrias District. The tiles are one of the district’s most distinctive features, and we have taken them and created a unique and elegant design with the most superb finish and detail. VIEW THE PROJECT

Branding to drive change | Batllegroup


Ever more factors come into play when we decide to purchase something: quality, process, ingredients… not to mention corporate culture and social commitment…

Cooperative brands offer a great source of inspiration when we think of innovation and change. Such brands integrate social cause in their business models and seek to spread the values of cooperation. The key lies in tying-in their purpose with the product they market to make people aware of the impact of their purchase. It is time to talk about who we are and why we are here. With transparency and authenticity. Not just by focusing about the product, but by celebrating our culture and our people.

Authentic, honest branding based on people and their heritage. Here and now.

Castell d’Or is a cooperative winery which bottles and distributes the Cava and other wines produced by its cooperative vineyards. Its purpose is to provide a better standard of living to its vintners while, at the same time, offering the consumer the very best wines of the land. The brand’s design and packaging, inspired by the vine itself, symbolises a love for the earth, the coming together of people and the joy of sharing. From our families to yours.

Branding to drive change | Batllegroup


As our social awareness of the problems that surround us grows, as their reality approaches us ever more, we seek to lend a hand and look for brands expressing people-centric values.

Brands have one of two options: Finding a response to global social concerns or disconnecting from reality. Only those that look beyond financial gain will be relevant tomorrow. Commercial brands must seek inspiration from the social brands whose only purpose is to help and for whom it is essential to create a feeling of urgency. Branding can bring our cause visibility, make it grow and influence for a better future. We seek positive commercial and social impact, inviting people to be part of the change.

It is in the social brands that we find ourselves anew, rethink who we are and build a new us.

Open Arms is an NGO whose mission is to protect people fleeing conflict zones, persecution or poverty. People attempting to reach Europe across the high seas. The design of the social branding of Open Arms seeks to make it immediately identifiable, wherever it may be, and to create a feeling of belonging. The colour red. The symbol of protection, the embrace.

Branding to drive change | Batllegroup


People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact we are having on the planet and we all seek to become ever more responsible consumers. We are critical and expect much from our brands.

Brands have grown aware of their impact on the world and have been moved to action. Many have designed their own route to greater sustainability and rethought their value chains. There are new emerging ways of understanding products and packaging, innovating with new formats, materials and concepts. Designing for a more sustainable world helps brands, products and packaging to foster change. We need to explain our purpose and put out a call for action.

Disruptive aware branding stirred into action to help create a cleaner world.

Botanical Origin is a new brand which seeks to promote more environmentally sensitive habits of consumption without renouncing the efficacy of conventional products. With the form, colour and design we bring together all the power of nature in a new, transparent, bright innovative code which, from the very outset, connects with the new generations. Botanical Origin not only conveys efficacy but also respect of people and the environment. VIEW THE PROJECT

Branding to drive change | Batllegroup


We live in a fluid environment with fierce competition and constant transformation, marked by innovation and new challenges.

In such a context, technology is a key ally if what we seek is to foster change in brands. Both as the core axis of innovation and as a support to the easing of processes and communication. It helps us prototype, test and receive feedback. It may also serve as a source of inspiration to bring us closer to the future and steal a lead on progress. Branding and packaging design combine strategy, creativity, technique and technology to respond to the challenges that mark the future of brands.

Bemobile represents the perfect union of design and technology with which to foster change and innovation.

Bemobile is a 100% digital strategic design and innovation agency that combines a business approach, strategic design and technology to help its clients successfully through some of the most complex challenges of today. Its new branding is simple and adaptable. It grows out of the firm’s logo to create a visual system that flows and extends out to all points of contact and demonstrates its transformative culture. VIEW THE PROJECT

Branding to drive change | Batllegroup