Tracking and identification of the trends that may most impact a brand in the future, working with international tools and networks.


Cosmetics and beauty into kits

Some years ago now, gourmet food kits were all the rage. Today, in 2015, it would seem that the same idea has been taken up by the cosmetics and beauty world.


Drinkable packaging

The latest trend - biomaterial packaging. Zero-waste packaging.

Signal White Now Men

Attacking a specific target to make the most of a market opportunity

La Piara Bloc

Creating a premium range for a mainstream brand

Oxfam Intermón

Supplementing conscience with pleasure: brain, heart and palate


Revitalising tradition.


The branding of today and the future

On the occasion of the latest edition of the Barcelona Design Week, we organised a session of co-creation, bringing together designers, entrepreneurs , brand strategists and marketeers to see how they envisaged the consumer and branding of the future.

A. D. Alcorcón

The professionalization of the branding of a football club


Future branding: The digital store shelf

How to build a brand in the digital store shelf


Naturalness in design.

10 ways on how to convey naturalness through packaging.

Fontvella Té

Font Vella, en su filosofía de innovación constante, ha revolucionado su marca de refrescos Font Vella Té.


The first cycle store to focus exclusively on women.


Design for a better future

To design for the future means to design for people.


Welcome Branders

9ª Edición del Master in Strategic Branding and Packaging Design