Branding and co-creation

Know how to observe, listen and read between the lines.

It is increasingly important to integrate key stakeholders in any branding process, to learn alongside them how to further enhance proposals and pick out the most powerful and brand relevant lines of storytelling.

In itself, the methodology is simple enough: all we need do is open our minds to external inputs and go with them. Batllegroup works alongside the different key stakeholders in the process to establish creative dynamics that, in turn, will bring optimum results. We distil the process of conceptualisation and creation into two sequential phases.


Are we aware of the needs, expectations or barriers of the people we are addressing? The process of branding always derives from a challenge. Then we work on the basis of, first of all, observation; first it is important to learn what the competition is up to in order to ensure we are different and understand where we should be at each touch point with our target audiences. If our object is to enhance a brand, bring it up to date or give it fresh meaning, then we need to know how to observe, listen and read between the lines. At the end of the day, it is with those who interface with the brand and our understanding of the context that will bring us to create meaningful branding.

Branding and co-creation | Batllegroup


To start to create, if what we seek is to enhance our work, it must be done alongside a multidisciplinary team. In the early stages, when nurturing our fledgling ideas, we should involve people from all the key departments of the company (sales, marketing, production, etc.), the end-user and also people with creative profiles, people who have absolutely nothing to do with the sector in question. From working with such heterogeneous groups, we gain powerful insights, around which to base our work around. In this way, we establish a creative framework. More is more.

To break codes and move forwards, any new design will make more sense if it is built around a process of co-creation. It will give a brand the leverage it requires to ensure a brilliant future. Through LAB, our strategic team will trace out the Big Idea and select those creative proposals that provide the greatest content, emotion and differentiation.

Branding and co-creation | Batllegroup

Branding built around emotional connections seeks to inspire meaningful experiences. It places the person at the centre of the process and uses simple, integrating, creative dynamics to achieve a perfect brand-market fit. Collaborative branding helps create a solid, powerful brand with personality.