Dareels is a top-end, exclusive furniture brand that is present in over 30 countries. Its furniture stands out for its beauty, timelessness, and conscious design. Focused on sustainability, they handcraft recovered wood to offer an alternative that is more conscious of people and the environment.

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Dareels raises the concept of sustainability and links it with exclusivity through a timeless, conscious design

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Through design, to help reposition the Dareels brand and improve its brand positioning to compete internationally with the major players in the furniture industry. We are striving to connect with people from around the world who value design and exclusivity, and who are increasingly aware of the impact of their consumption.


In order to build a solid, significant brand, we created the brand identity of Dareels by defining its values, personality and positioning, which are “Inspired by Nature”. A simple, conscious and essential brand redesign was proposed that put the spotlight on the piece. The art direction was defined in images and motion and its embodiment in physical and digital corporate and commercial pieces.

Dareels | Batllegroup


Dareels is sensitive, conscious, open to the world. The brand is committed to sustainability, to people, and to the planet. It therefore creates timeless designs using top-end materials and recovered wood. The brand wants to go back to its roots and to simplicity and to reinvent the space in which we live.

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