Nutrexpa divided into two companies. One, called Idilia Foods, was to handle all the cocoa brands. We were charged with developing the whole of the new firm’s brand image and preparing all the material for the internal presentation of the firm. A process requiring empathy and real connection with people.

Idilia Foods | Batllegroup Idilia Foods | Batllegroup

The challenge

For strategic reasons, Nutrexpa decided to split its business into two new firms. The one to head the cocoa business had a more or less predefined name and storytelling, but not a brand. And this just a few weeks before its workers convention.

Idilia Foods | Batllegroup Idilia Foods | Batllegroup

The strategy

We opened up a process of co-creation to create a potent brand, yet one that felt close both to its internal audience and the consumer. Thus, the concept of birth came up: The birth of the day in which its products are consumed, the birth of a new company and the birth of a new, modern and ambitious brand. We produced a corporate video to engage the whole team in the new philosophy.

The result

The internal response was unanimous: The new brand generated pride and empathy, both inside and outside of the organisation.

Idilia Foods | Batllegroup Idilia Foods | Batllegroup