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Fervor is an Australian brand of barbeques which sought to position its brand on the international market. We helped it develop a powerful, clearly differentiated brand, based on the visual codes of its roots and unique character at all points of contact. A brand that feels close, a fun brand for a highly social function.

Fervor | Batllegroup Fervor | Batllegroup

The challenge

Previously the international barbeque market was divided in two: a single, clearly dominant market leader and then, all the other brands. Market share was highly polarised and there was no evidence of perceived brand positioning or identity. Fervor was just another brand, even though, on the positive side, it was distinguished for its closeness to its distributors and the fact that it was Australian. A brand from a country with a deep-seated tradition and reputation for barbecues.

Fervor | Batllegroup Fervor | Batllegroup

The strategy

Taking the brand’s core values, its DNA, that is, close, friendly and smart, we positioned it as an Australian barbecue and accessory brand offering its clients an unforgettable shared outdoor experience. We developed the “Our passion is yours!” tagline and evoked Australian imagery at all points of contact with the brand.

Fervor | Batllegroup Fervor | Batllegroup Fervor | Batllegroup

The result

Fervor is the first brand ever to challenge the hegemony of the category leader. Through its bold strategic action it has grown geographically in the USA while, at the same time, reconquering space in key strategic European markets such as Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fervor | Batllegroup Fervor | Batllegroup