Christian Meier, ex-pro cyclist, decided to set up a new concept, a space for cyclist in Girona which would offer the same kind of services he had received during his professional career: training, massage, laundry, support cars and, of course, the sale of bicycles.

The Service Course | Batllegroup The Service Course | Batllegroup

the Challenge

To create the branding for a new concept, a space which not only sells bicycles but also offers the cyclist the kind of personalised services that make him/her feel like a real pro. The Service Course focusses on tourists visiting Girona – the new Mecca of cyclists worldwide – who seek a unique experience. It will make their trip unforgettable.

The Strategy

It was clear what the focus needed to be: we had to flee the classical aesthetics associated with cycling, an image which does little to inspire or create an air of exclusivity. We chose to work around a bold concept: the milestones along the way, the sacrifice and the sense of achievement suffered in silence. Storytelling which connects with the cycling community and shows an understanding and complicity with its challenges and goals.

The Service Course | Batllegroup The Service Course | Batllegroup

The Result

The Branding of The Service Course creates an environment in two colours, representing the marks (caused by suntan) that are inherent to all cyclists. Flexible, dynamic branding with character, just like the personality of the new space, considered by The Daily Telegraph to be the best bike shop in the world. The Service Course stands today as an international lighthouse to the world of cycling and a meeting point for all lovers of cycling.

The Service Course symbolises the marks that are an inherent part of all cyclists.

The Service Course | Batllegroup