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Open Arms is a humanitarian, non-governmental, not for profit organisation. Its primary mission is to protect the life of the most vulnerable in emergency situations. It originates from a sea rescue and salvage company with more than 20 years’ experience on Spanish coasts.

The Background

Open Arms came into being in 2015 when the image of Aylan, a Syrian child drowned on the shores of the Mediterranean, went viral. It was then that a team of sea rescue experts, captained by Oscar Camps, decided to go to Greece to help alleviate the humanitarian emergency raging at that time.

OPEN ARMS | Batllegroup

The Strategy

The Open Arms brand came into being to bring visibility to the problems that were occurring in the Mediterranean and what was happening to the vulnerable people attempting to cross it. Design enabled us to clearly identify and amplify the cause. Our aim: to create a positive social impact and attract people, encouraging them to participate.

OPEN ARMS | Batllegroup

“Step by step, working alongside Enric Batlle and Batllegroup, we have evolved as a brand. Open Arms has endeared itself to many with our values, positioning, and because we save lives. To all of which, the brand speaks.”
Oscar Camps

The Result

Open Arms seeks to be recognised immediately, wheresoever that may be, and create a feeling of belonging. Its distinctive colour is red and its symbol of protection an embrace. Through the brand and its key distinctive elements, we seek a relevant, emotional connection with people. Open Arms is an inclusive brand which, in addition to saving lives on the high seas, hopes to act as an agent for change, both at the point of origin and here in our society.

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