Lactovit Fruit | Batllegroup

Lactovit, a reference brand in the skin care and nutrition market, launches a new milk and fruit range of gels and moisturising milks which offer the skin all round nourishment. The range combines the nutritional benefits of milk with the antioxidant and revitalising properties of fruit.

Lactovit Fruit | Batllegroup Lactovit Fruit | Batllegroup

The challenge

To launch a new range which offers the very best of milk and fruit and seeks to draw in new consumers with a more sensorial skin care experience, while remaining true to the essence of the brand. To achieve this it was essential to maintain the DNA of the Lactovit brand: nourishing the skin with the vitamins, proteins and minerals of milk (lactosome microspheres), while adding the naturalness, aroma and freshness of fruit to enhance the moisturising, softness and antioxidating benefits of the product.

Lactovit brings new energy to the brand with the naturalness, freshness and benefits of fruit.

The strategy

Lactovit Fruit sought to convey a natural balance of fruit and milk. To such ends we developed an impactful key visual for the packaging, featuring the fruit enveloped by milk to encapsulate the perfect balance of the different nutrients. Our key visual also supports the naturalness, care and freshness of the product. With simple naming and clear descriptors, we speak to the consumer of the benefits of each of the different varieties.

The result

The new range of shower gels and moisturising creams offers a natural, colourful, balanced, fresh proposal with a perfect combination of its main ingredients: milk and fruit. A decisive bid for a trending product category.