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Salon Hits is the story of the creation of a new brand, the concept of which is to launch to a general audience a range of products based on those most successful in the professional salon.

Salon Hits | Batllegroup Salon Hits | Batllegroup

The challenge

Revlon had a highly successful range of products for its professional channel and saw the opportunity to adapt it and make it available to a general audience via modern distribution systems. A change of channel and target with a new concept, aiming to supplement its existing range without eroding it.

The strategy

The original range had to serve as the initial source of inspiration. We created a brand based on the imagery of the Hollywood star system for the every day mass market, respecting and ensuring the professional range was not cannibalised at all. Lastly, a brand architecture was established to enable the portfolio to be grown, without losing coherence or impact on the store shelf.

Salon Hits | Batllegroup

The result

A range that has generated aspiration and permitted Revlon to steal a lead on its competitors in the mass market.

A professional salon brand perfectly adapted to the mass market