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Argal is a centenary brand that produces cold cut meats, delivering knowhow and tradition in all its products. As a centenary brand, it needed to modernise. In that direction we also created the Bonnatur brand, with pork cold cut codes for the new generations.

Argal Bonnatur | Batllegroup Argal Bonnatur | Batllegroup

The challenge

Over one hundred years of pork cold cut tradition and knowhow. But with an antiquated look and feel, with codes from times gone by. The brand needed to be pulled into the world of today, to be contemporary. But with subtlety since the aim was to retain the distinctive features of the brand.

Argal Bonnatur | Batllegroup

The strategy

Study those small tweaks that would allow the change in Argal to be perceived without losing brand heritage. We projected the brand in its context to understand how the consumer was going to perceive it. We created Argal Bonnatur so that the new brand would convey all the benefits of a cold cut produced for the new generation of consumers.

Argal Bonnatur | Batllegroup

The result

An updated brand, perceived as more contemporary, closer and capable of greater innovation: a brand amply able to compete in the 21st century.

Argal Bonnatur | Batllegroup