La Piara is a household name in pâtés, particularly positioned for kids. We helped it create a premium sub-brand as a response to the current trends for the category.

La Piara Bloc | Batllegroup La Piara Bloc | Batllegroup La Piara Bloc | Batllegroup

The challenge

To many people the brand La Piara stands as an emotional reference, a mainstream leader with an unassailable position in children’s sandwiches. So what could we do to enable to enter a premium sub-category of pâtés with credibility and uniqueness?

The strategy

Our goal was to upgrade the umbrella brand: we had to emphasise the experience. The format of the product inspired the name: Bloc. Simple and compelling. The design of the Bloc sub-brand and its packaging was inspired by the product insight obtained: artisan imagery, authentic, from the source. The choice of colours and a seal of guarantee enabled us to gain premiumness.

La Piara Bloc | Batllegroup La Piara Bloc | Batllegroup

The result

With a Best Pack, the parent brand has succeeded in modernising and premiumising itself in a credible way, allowing it to play in the same league as the existing mid-range brands.

Winner of Best Pack Award 2014