Enric Batlle is a founding member of BAU, the University Design Centre. Over the last 25 years, Batllegroup has been responsible for the creation and maintenance of the brand and for the centre’s positioning. It has created the concepts for the different campaigns that have lead it to be signalled as a benchmark centre of excellence.

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The challenge

To create a new brand in a market already possessed of clear benchmark centres and successfully convey its innovative educational concept.

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The strategy

The local and international market for the teaching of design already included schools founded in 1920s and 1960s. Prestige schools. So how do you make a new school stand out from the crowd? By emphasising the values and attributes it holds as a creative, innovative educational centre, with a model inspired by the Bauhaus School and a pan-European outlook. With dynamic communication and greater reach than its competitors.

Bau | Batllegroup Bau | Batllegroup

25 years constructing community with branding

The result

BAU stands as a consolidated domestic and international benchmark centre for the study of design in Barcelona. The ultimate example of which is embodied in its slogan: “Transforming design”.

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